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Custom Printed Gift Boxes – Eye Catching Must-Use Colors In 2019

The year 2019 brings with it an array of fascinating trends when it comes to the world of print and packaging designs for custom printed boxes. With innovation and creativity at an all time peak, it’s no surprise that this year was going to get bigger and better.
It’s the season to pay homage to color transition like never before. From duo tones to color ramps, online customize design pages are giving users the chance to create bold statements and stunning effect finishes that are second to none.
With competition hitting peak levels at the marketplace, it’s no wonder designers and brands are turning to color trends as a mean of differentiating their collapsible printed boxes from all others.
To make sure you’re well aware of this year’s print and packaging trending colors to look forward to, you might want to take a look at our list of top picks for the season.


  • Turn your attention to gradients and duo tones
custom printed packaging color in Spring & Summer
2019 Popular Colors in Spring & Summer





Custom Printed Packaging Color
2019 Popular Colors in Autumn & Winter
Custom Printed Packaging Color in Normal
2019 Popular Colors in Normal









Hitting the rounds this year for personal design projects such as custom printed boxes are duo tones and color ramps, also referred to as color transitions/gradients.
Gradients allow the user to transition seamlessly from one color to the other. Duo tones on the other hand are produced by a process whereby a single halftone is put above another diverse color. The end result achieved includes an image with a two tone effect. The benefits of this trend range from the fact that although the user’s palette is limited, a striking image can now be created, distinct from all others.


  • Add a pop of color to diversify your brand’s image
Custom Printed Packaging Color in Spring & Summer
Nude Color Palettes








Let’s face the reality. There’s something so fascinating about subtle, nude color palettes on custom printed packaging and boxes. Their calming effect and beauty to blend impeccably with a range of patterns and fonts are what makes businesses go gaga over this notion.


Custom Printed Packaging tuck box
Custom packaging for tuck box was conceived by CustomPrintBox

But hold on folks! 2019 is all about making head waves when it comes to color schemes and that’s exactly what we’re raving about. Designers are giving users the freedom to experiment with hues inspired from the 80’s and 90’s era. Expect nothing less than fuchsia pinks, vivid purples and striking magentas too on upcoming print boxes.


  • Say hello to color intent that’s translated into color achievability

It’s not uncommon for users to witness their colors being different from what they select on screen to what is actually printed on their product. And that’s exactly why 2019 calls for designers to become more advanced and skillful. The swatch trend is giving users the opportunity to witness their final color appearance without having to break a sweat.


  • Keep an eye out for these hues in 2019

Every year, a CMYK report for seasonal colors is released. And this year’s tones are more innovative that ever.


  • Chinese Festival – CNY / Valentine / Mid-Autumn
custom printed packaging color
Color Idea for Chinese Festival – CNY / Valentine / Mid-Autumn




A sublime blend of oranges and reds that gives out warmth and energy galore

custom printed packaging tuck box
Custom packaging for tuck box was conceived by CustomPrintBox


custom printed packaging color
Color Idea for Chinese Festival – CNY / Valentine / Mid-Autumn






A hue that’s termed seasonally, though not necessarily obligated to be confined for use within that time of the year.


  • Corporate

A striking and full of life tone

custom printed packaging color for corporate idea
Color Idea for Corporate











These colors are a complex tone of corporate that allows the viewer to become fascinated and deeply intrigued. Not only are they unique, but a true vision that points to tomorrow’s existence.

custom printed packaging collapsible gift boxes
Custom packaging for collapsible gift box was conceived by CustomPrintBox

A hue that’s sharp and in your face upon first glance

With so many visionary color trends unraveling in 2019, expect competition in the business world to be tougher than ever before. With custom printed packaging offering you an endless array of colors and printing techniques, you can stay one step ahead of competitors.



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