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Custom Print Box is the state-of-the-art one-stop online solution provider that lets any of your custom boxes, creative printed ideas come true and create impacts, here at, you use our easy to use interface, together with broad product scope and exclusive custom boxes design features to design and order your customized packaging online. The whole process is simple and fun, save your time, money and energy.

At, we strive to bring custom branded packaging experience alive, facilitate packaging as a marketing strategy, and increase brand recognition.  Simply put, a branded packaging experience is a thoughtful selection of packaging as well as the deliberate presentation of your products, in purpose to provide additional value for your customers through the ability to create a memorable and shareable experience.



  • 35+ years experience in the printing and packaging industry
  • NO minimum order quantity
  • One-stop packaging solutions from online design, quote, preview, sampling, ordering to worldwide delivery
  • Short production lead time and fast turn around time (as short as 3 days)
  • High quality guaranteed by tracking proven record from top-tier worldwide brands
  • Twenty-four by seven (7×24) operation

In many cases, large-scale personalized packaging business model has become the trend of today’s brands!  Have you reflected on this in your product packaging strategy? If you have any questions about the service of CustomPrintBox, please feel free to contact us.

YOUR RELIABLE PARTNER TO SUCCESS is an innovative arm of QP Group, uniting the expertise in paper products manufacturing with experience in the online retailing business. Our mission is to make packaging a simple and fun process to cater to the needs of different users, both professional and non-professional ones. You can always rely on us for quality products with creative designs and free from the burden of safety or integrity issues. Your satisfaction is our prime concern so try it today and your success is just a few clicks away!

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Custom Boxes

The Custom Boxes are the need of today’s product branding. With us, you’ll find a huge array of customization to give your boxes that distinct innovative charm. From customized logo and abstract designs to state of the art images and exquisite text styles, there’s no limit to how you can give your box a sense of versatility and edge above the rest. Needless to say, there’s something in here for everyone. Learn more

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Collapsible Gift Boxes

Make your products shine by our custom printed boxes such as custom collapsible rigid gift boxes. For their high end and premium look and durability, rigid setup boxes have been becoming a popular choice for retail packaging, especially for those luxury electronic products such as smartphones & earphones as well as gifts, cosmetics, apparel, jewelry, fashion & and other premium products.  At Custom Print Box, our custom size technology enables users to input box sizes and ordering quantity online, get their custom quote instantly.  After confirming, the system will render a die-line with respective size on the online editor for the designer to edit.  More our powerful online editor enables designers to design from scratch or choose from our templates, amend style, color, special work on logos and prints, add graphics, pictures, and text.  At last, users can review their custom printed boxes by a 2D digital proof before confirming to proceed with the mass production. Learn more

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Custom Paper Shopping Bags

Twisted Handle Paper Shopping Bag represents the most direct touch point and connection with the existing and potential customers. Every time when your customers use your custom branded bags, they will be reinforced with your branding message and reminded of your company and the products or services you provide.  These custom bags will also function as signs, so when your customers carry your branded bag they will basically be carrying a sign spreading your branding message to everyone they encounter. Thinking to create an extraordinary promotional campaign?  Try uses our Mosaic feature patterns, based on which, our software will produce millions of unique, reproducible graphic designs for your shopping bags.  This can be achieved with one special designs easily with no need for an army of designers. Once the base patterns are developed, the automated software handles all the processing. For best results, the base designs should be complex, with a lot of detail and color. The more complex and colorful the original file, the better the results. Learn more

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