Product Design Builder Simple & Fun
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Product Design Builder – Simple & Fun

Designing a box from scratch can seem overwhelming for those who are not technically crafted. Custom Print Box wants to make the design process fun and easy, integrating a design software that shows users a dynamic “what you see is what you get” outcome. Give it a try customizing our collapsible gift boxes and shopping bags.

How user-friendly?

Without having to install any external programs, users can simply find the product they wish to purchase and have the freedom to upload images and add text to their design. Despite its simplicity, do not underestimate its flexibility and user-friendly functions to design a professional custom printed packaging exterior. After all, our aim is to minimize the fuss whilst giving users the power to implement designs they wish to put on their customized packaging boxes and bags.

What can it do?

Below, we have listed some of the highlights of what you can do using the Fancy Product Designer:

  1. Upload, resize and reposition multiple layers of images in JPG, PNG and SVG formatBlog Fancy Builder 01
  2. Edit images using the Advanced Editing tool which allows users to crop, add filters and fine tune the brightness and contrastBlog Fancy Builder 02
  3. Add text with 6 different fonts to choose from and interchanging colors with easy text resizing optionsBlog Fancy Builder 03
  4. Use our range of embedded editable embellishments to give your designs a twist. You will be surprised with the results once you have the right design formulaBlog Fancy Builder 05
  5. Instant print preview to give users a quick idea of what their packaging will look likeBlog Fancy Builder 06

The key to using this product design builder is to explore and have fun playing around with all the design options. Don’t be afraid to try out new things such as tweaking colors and contrasts to give your design a new look in a matter of minutes.

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