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Frequently Asked Questions for Custom Printed Boxes

custom printed boxes Faq

Custom printed boxes are ever so trending and with this global phenomenon increasing in popularity as we speak, it’s without a doubt a fact that several questions come to mind. Here is a list of the most common frequently asked questions relating to everything you need to know about custom printed boxes and more.

1. I am in search of LARGE sized boxes, can you help?

There are certain limitations that we are faced with when producing LARGE sized boxes. Not only is large boxes tedious, time consuming and difficult to produce, they may not prove to be price competitive for many of our clients. Do let us know what size you are in search of and we’ll surely get back to you regarding whether or not we can fulfill your demand.

2. Are there any other sizes available that you can produce?

Our exclusive range of custom printed boxes can be found in a distinct array of sizes. We cater to all of our clients a whole range of templates and designs so that they can map out easily exactly what they desire. You plan and design and leave the rest to us. We’ll make sure to give you a product that leaves you coming back for more.

3. How many days of production and shipment time are required?

Once you’ve brainstormed your thought process and utilized our modern day software to design a custom printed box of your desire, leave the rest to us. We’ll begin work on it as soon as possible, wasting no time at all. We always give clients a time frame of one week for production and two weeks of shipment, depending on the destination that is involved. Our aim has always revolved around getting your product delivered within the shortest time frame possible, avoiding unnecessary delay at all costs.

4. I am in search of food SAFE boxes, can you help?

A vast majority of our clients belong to the restaurant/food and catering industry. Health and safety concerns regarding foods and custom printed boxes is a factor that isn’t only important to clients but to us as well. For this reason, we recommend that clients establish a non direct contact relationship when food is put inside our custom printed boxes. Edible items can be placed in separate packaging and then put into the custom printed boxes to ensure maximal health and safety guidelines are met at all times.

5. Do you provide shipment to XYZ destination?

Being leaders in the custom printed boxes for years now, we stand tall and proud with a clientele that ranges from local to international buyers. Our standard of production, sales and marketing as well as customer service extends relations on a global aspect, giving international clients the freedom to come and witness the product for themselves. No matter where you are located in the world, we provide shipment across the globe.

6. May I email you the colors and designs to create a box at your side?

Yes, that’s exactly how we work. Custom printed boxes are created keeping your likes and dislikes in mind. Be precise with your measurements, colors and designs and email us a template or sample of what exactly you’re in search of. And that’s it! Leave it to us to produce your product using the most advanced and innovative technology today.

7. Can you provide us with any sort of discount on these boxes?

Good customer service and relations has always been a part of our customer dealing demeanor. Depending on the type and quantity of your product in question, we’ll make sure you not only get a discount but a product that goes above and beyond all of your expectations. Just let us know what you need and when you need and leave the rest to us. We are sure to give you an offer that you simply can’t deny.

8. Can you send me a template for that particular size please?

We offer templates for a vast array of styles, sizes and designs involved. The whole purpose of templates is to allow clients to get an exclusive feel as to what their final product will look like when actually printed and produced. And the best thing about templates is that in case the customer isn’t satisfied, they’re more than welcome to recommend any changes or introduce innovations for that particular size of custom designed box in question.

9. I’m on the lookout for custom packaging, can you please help me?

Other than custom designed boxes, we are also renowned specialists when it comes to custom designed packaging of all sorts. We welcome you to come and witness our samples on display on our website to help you get a feel of what our offerings are like. From catering and jewelry to arts and crafts, wedding favors and more, custom packaging is something brands are always on the lookout for. Choose your pick from some of the most exclusive, enticing and innovative packaging design selections on offer today.

10. Is there any minimum order quantity available?

To help ensure we stay true to our policy of regulating and maintaining quality control to the absolute best of our abilities, we do possess a minimum order quantity policy for all of our clients. This holds true for both local and international buyers, giving us the ability to provide you with even better product and service with full guarantee of customer satisfaction. Our aim has always revolved around keeping your interests and needs as top priority and that’s exactly what we strive to achieve with every order and delivery involved.

11. I would love to receive a free sample if possible, can you assist me?

There’s nothing better than getting a tangible feel of our custom designed boxes. This is the main reason why we adore sending clients free samples of our work. If you wish to receive a free sample, simply subscribe by filling up our online form and a special delivery will soon be on your way.

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