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6 Reasons To Use Custom Printed Packaging

In the business world, it is dog-eat-dog environment so it’s always wise to stay one step ahead of your competition. As a business owner, we spend so much time and effort in providing great service and the best product within the customer’s budget, but have you ever thought about when does your customer first interact physically with your company? Their first, and perhaps lasting, impression will be your packaging you have chosen to use.

So here are 6 ways you can benefit from using custom printed packaging:


This is as simple as it gets. Their first impression is your packaging. If it’s a high end product, you would expect to find it in a luxury box. Even if your product is of modest quality, you can give your customers a better perception if you use a neater and stronger packaging. Just remember, the box or bag the item is put into may not be the core essential itself, but it certainly contributes to the way the customer sees your product.
custom print box shopping bag brand

2.Product Protection

One of the most frustrating things about online shopping is having to search for the right product, find an affordable price and waiting for weeks (or months sometimes) for it to arrive, only to find it damaged upon arrival. This not only causes inconvenience to your customers, but also increases your costs in terms of having to replace the damaged goods and providing additional customer service. Most importantly, it damages your reputation, which can be irreparable or very costly to redeem. With custom printed packaging, you can always find the best shape and size to fit your products, making sure it is safely protected during transit.

3.Customer Retention

Our responsibility as a business does not stop once the customer completes their transaction, but we must also provide after-sales support. Our customers will be subconsciously assessing you as a merchant up until and beyond when they receive their goods. When they open their safely protected goods in the custom printed packaging, it will give them a big boost in confidence that your company not only offers great products, but also take good care of items during transit. This will make the clients more likely to return and also recommend your business to others.


Throughout its delivery process, your company brand is getting exposed to all different people who handle your boxes or those nearby it. Do not underestimate how much a colorfully designed custom printed box can be instilled into a potential customer’s mind before they know it. Print your logo, company name, website URL, phone number and customer service email on your boxes and it will be shown not only to your customer, but also to the delivery man, the courier staff handling your boxes, the office receptionist, the security guard and anyone who happens to passes by. The list is endless, just like the extra exposure gained!

custom print box product protection box


At Custom Print Box, the durability of our boxes is never compromised for the style we offer in return. In fact, due to its custom made characteristic, the quality is much sturdier than your run of the mill brown boxes. As your boxes are strong and attractive, customers are more likely to reuse the box for storage purposes and ultimately giving your brand long term exposure. Make sure you have your company name and contact details clearly printed (you can do it on more than one side) and you can even add some images to remind customers what products/service you provide.
Quality Custom Print Box

6.Lowering Costs

Custom printed packaging is definitely a marketing tool, but it also offers practicality as well. It is inevitable that custom made boxes will be more expensive than your standard corrugated cardboard boxes, but what you get in return should not be overlooked. Apart from the reasons already mentioned in this piece, you should also think about the costs you can save in the long run. With custom printed boxes, you can adjust the size, shape and strength so it is tailored for your products. In theory, this will make your packaging more compact and light, which will lower your shipping costs over a period of time.

For more details about the custom printed boxes, please visit our custom boxes or contact our Customer Service Team ( for professional assistance.




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