Wine Bottle Paper Gift Bags 5″ x 3.5″ x 13.25″

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Quantity 1-9 10-49 50-99 100-199 200-299 300-399 400-499 500-999 above 1,000
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Quantity 1-9 10-49 50-99 100-199 200-299 300-399 400-499 500-999 above 1,000
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We provide dieline templates to our registered member for free download. If you are a more advanced user, download your custom die line and edit offline with Adobe Illustrator then upload your finished artwork or logo.

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Wine Bottle Paper Gift Bags – Elegant styling characterizes the Matte / Gloss-Laminated Wine Bags, combined with a sophisticated matte/gloss finish and a Polypropylene(PP) rope handle.

You can customize the bag by simply uploading your logo. You can also put customize the message on the bag or change it to other colors at NO additional charge!

  • CustomPrintBox exclusive.
  • Measuring 5 x 3.5 x 13.25″ (127 x 88.9 x 336.55 mm)
  • This elegant wine bag is designed to hold a bottle of wine.
  • Made from 190gsm card stock with a matte/gloss laminated finish.
  • Features a white cardboard bottom insert and reinforced folded top.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Laminated bags are handmade. Some colors tend to show scratches and fold marks more readily than light colors.
  • No setup price: All setup charges and the extra cost is waived
  • Delivery Packaging: Shipped flat
  • No minimum order required


If you’re a newly established small-scale retail business that is in some dire need of new ideas for eco-marketing, custom printed shopping bags are just the thing for you.

CustomPrintBox – Matte Gloss Laminated Custom Retail Paper Shopping Bags are a fabulous way to make your brand known as well as gets the right type of customers directed your way. Customized to make a perfect fit for any demographic, these bags are the epitome of versatility. The opportunities available in the market today are numerous with unlimited design and customization options to choose from. They are loved by the majority of the population and this feature is what makes custom retail shopping bags & gift bags an effective marketing tool.

The marketing potential for custom printed bags is immense. Before we get into the basics related to the top ways you as a brand can indulge in organic marketing through dynamic size shopping bags & gift bags, it’s important to discuss the multitude of purposes for which these custom printed shopping bags & gift bags can serve. They include the following.

  • Helps in bringing work home from the workplace
  • Ideal for carrying store-bought groceries home
  • Great for carrying your change of gym clothes
  • The wonderful way to pack your daily lunch or whatever else you need

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