Increase Product or Service Value, then Price Accordingly

Traditionally businesses set prices of their products or services by adding a margin on costs. The value delivered is rarely given enough consideration.

Keep in mind that your clients judge your price based on the value received – not by what they spend. With value-based pricing model, you simply increase the value of your offers to raise prices.  Most importantly, make sure the value added is non-comparable in the market, so that customers find no way to divide and compare their total spending amongst price and premium.

Let us give you an idea by example…

Feel stereotyped with your printer surface?  Yes, many people think their home printers sitting on the desks look just like an odd machine that is out of tune. Here at CustomPrintbox, we got the right tool to turn dull to bright. Teamed up with HP, we delivered a best in class online custom sticker design solution designated for HP printer customers.

We know how it can get expensive and time-consuming that we simplified the online editing process and had our beautiful designs ready for selection and putting on their printer.  Read more to find out.

Looking for life-style Custom Gifts Compatible with Your Product?

customprintbox-corporate-product-solutions-premium-product-banner-04Have you been thinking customizing your products? Want to make it unique as per your customers’ tastes and styles? Look no further as we are your one-stop shop in helping you achieve this.
In the 1st quarter of 2017, we teamed up with HP and have come up with a unique concept of customized their premium home printers, which we call it a B2B2C model.  HP has added our online services  to their portfolio (B2B) by offering two free stickers when the customers buy new HP printers (B2C). Whenever a customer bought a HP printer in-store, he was given a redemption code which allowed him to create a one-of-a-kind sticker as printer cover ornament at our platform.
In just a few clicks, customers would be expecting the delivery right to their doorstep.

What do we do?

We have the right tools and techniques to bring any designs and custom messages come live on
your products.  Using our proprietary platform, you can offer your customers to create customized
sticker or gifts online. This B2B2C model is built using our state of the art digital facilities and
production capabilities. It turns your dull stereotyped product into a bright personalized furnishing.
More, the whole ‘Do-It-Yourself’ process itself is a delightful experience.

Is it easy?

It indeed is. Our entire GUI and processes have been designed to provide users the most user-friendly experience. Design their stickers or gifts in just 3 simple steps,
and then wait for its delivery to doorsteps.


Select the design that catches your fancy



Add your text and images i.e. make it your own whether it is for your workplace or for your personal product



Preview your designs instantly, adjust or retry as required and confirm once you are satisfied with the end result.


Complete the order by entering your shipping details. That’s it you are done.









What more?

We have over 40 designs to choose from. A perfect way to upgrade HP printer’s décor. customprintbox-corporate-product-solutions-premium-product-banner-11Our platform equips you with the right tools to bring your idea to reality fast.  We also deliver to major international locations.

If you are a brand add this to your existing portfolio and boost your sales. (For a bulk order, we offer great schemes and discounts).

If you are a marketer or retailer come and talk to us!  Let’s brainstorm how this can revamp the look of your products.  If you are looking for some of your own artwork design you can talk to one of our in-house designers who would be more than happy to help you create your exclusive design. We help you ship and launch your ideas and projects

Final words

Try it NOW!  We assure you’ll have a great experience from creating your fun stickers. We have collaborated with HP and this has given us the opportunity to create a large list of clients who are happy and satisfied with our work. To know more drop us an email via . We are excited to hear your ideas. Let’s get your campaign started soon.

We care is an innovative and bespoke packaging solution for marketers and brand owners. In doing so we ensure we comply to major international standards and strongly believe in protecting forests by sourcing materials originated from well-managed forests and support green printing we operate in a socially accountable manner. View our accreditations with the world-renowned foundations.






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